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Wall of Fame

Bone Hook has always looked to support local charities. In fact, in 2019 Bone Hook either sponsored or partnered with over 75 charities to help raise money for great causes. Working with the charitable organizations has always been a no brainer. It’s a two-way street. We realized that without the support of our local community, we cannot survive as a family owned and operated business.

Unfortunately, the state of Florida closed our brewpub for inside service on Friday, March 20th during the busiest portion of our year. To compound the financial duress, the local charities that we had always supported did not return the favor. Of the 75 charities that we had sponsored in 2019, zero reached out to Bone Hook to order food or drinks during our shutdown from March 20th to May 4th. It was extremely disappointing to say the least.

Instead of dwelling on the lack of support, we always look at the beer mug as half full. We have chosen to honor individuals who helped us during our most difficult period. We are proud of the individual support the Bone Hook Faithful, aka the Bone Heads, have given us. In fact, they deserve recognition. Our special event room now has Hall of Fame Wall that displays our greatest supporters. There will be a caricature made of each of these Hall of Famers and their likeness will be hung up of the Wall.

During the Spring of 2022, the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will happen on a monthly basis. We will hold a small ceremony, recognizing the Hall of Famers for their support of Bone Hook during the Covid Crisis. Now THAT’S something worth CELEBRATING!

If you would like to nominate someone for the Bone Hook Wall of Fame, please email your nominee and the reason why they are Hall of Fame material to

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