Bomber Club

What is the BH Bomber Club?

The BH Bomber Club is a members-only club that guarantees its members seven (7) selected barrel-aged bottle releases. There are a maximum of 125 memberships available.

What beers will be included?

Mixed fermentation Mango LL

We took our Liquid Laugh Belgian trippel wort and fermented it in a wine barrel with Mango puree and mixed culture to give a unique wild ale characteristic. 11% ABV

Barley Wine (Willet Rye Oak Barrel)

A big. bold, American Barley wine style ale topping out at 14% ABV aged in Willet Rye barrels. Simple yet complex.

Imperial Stout (Buffalo Trace Oak Barrel)

A heavy duty Russian Imperial style stout Aged in BT bourbon barrels. 11% ABV

Braggot (Willet Rye Oak Barrel)

Honey and malt make up equal parts of the grist on this ale making for an intense complexity adding it to the Willet Rye barrels deepens the flavors and smooths the honey out. 12% ABV

Mixed fermentation Passionfruit LL

We took our Liquid Laugh wort and fermented it in a wine barrel with Passion fruit puree and mixed culture to give a unique wild ale characteristic. 11% ABV

Imperial Stout w/ chocolate, vanilla, coconut

This stout is packed with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and coconut for a rich, thick, decadent Sweet stout. Aged in Bourbon barrels to add even more complexity.

#7 TBA

Whiskey barrel

Membership Fee

The fee to join the inaugural BH Bottle Club is $250.00 plus tax.  This includes seven different bombers measuring 22 ounces.  Each member will receive 2 bombers of each variety – for a total of 14 bottles.

Bone Hook’s Dedication

  1. Bone Hook Brewing Company shall provide access to Bomber members two (2) 22 ounce bottle each of seven (7) barrel-aged beers for a total of fourteen (14) bottles to be released periodically over the course of the yearly membership.
    1. One membership per person.
    2. Households may purchase more than one membership, but only one membership can be purchased per person/account.
  2. Bill Vaughan, the brewer for Bone Hook Brewing Company, will have the exclusive right to select the releases for the BH Bomber Club.
  3. The selection and availability of beer available to BH Bomber members are not necessarily, but may be, exclusive to members. The determination of exclusivity shall be made by Bone Hook Brewing Company at its sole discretion.
  4. Bone Hook Brewing Company may or may not announce or release advanced determinations of what selections are to be released.
  5. Bone Hook reserves the right to change or amend the club at any point during the duration of the club.
  6. There is no predetermined expiration date for the BH Bomber Club membership, however, the membership shall automatically terminate thirty (30) days after the seventh and final bottle is released to members. The final release should occur before December of 2022.
  7. Bone Hook Brewing Company will email each member the next variety selected for the Bomber Club. The member will provide an email address for notification.
  8. Bomber bottles WILL NOT BE MAILED. Bottles may be picked up during normal hours of operation at the Bone Hook Brewpub located at 1514 Immokalee Road, Naples, Florida.
  9. Members have until the end of the club term to pick-up all bottles. Pick-up timetables will be communicated to these members via the email address designated by the BH Bomber member.
Bone Hook brewing bottles
Bone Hook breweing bottles

BH Bomber Member Obligations

  1. The understanding that Bone Hook does not ship beer.
  2. Provide accurate and up-to-date contact information to receive timely information about releases.
  3. BH Bomber members and their designated trustee, if any, shall be over 21 years of age at the time of entering this Membership Agreement and have a valid government-issued picture ID reflecting this.
  4. BH Bomber members may designate a proxy or trustee who shall have the member’s permission to pick up any and all club-related items for the member.
  5. BH Bomber members may, at Bone Hook’s sole determination, purchase additional bomber releases.
  6. There are no refunds for the BH Bomber membership fees or for any purchase made under the terms of this Membership Agreement. All sales are final.
  7. All BH Bomber members and their designated proxy, if any, shall be over 21 years of age at the time of entering this Membership Agreement.
  8. Any BH Bomber member bottles not picked up within 30 days of release of the seventh and final bottle will result in the forfeiture of the bottle(s) by the BH Bomber member.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BH Bomber Club is Bone Hook Brewing Company’s members-only barrel-aged beer club. Check out some frequently asked questions regarding the Club below.

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